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My Guide to a PICC Line

The first thought that ran through my mind when the doctor mentioned that I needed a PICC line was: what on earth is a picc line? I didn’t bother asking at this point as I knew it was happening just before I get discharged from the ward and that was in a few days. It…

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My First PET Scan

After completing six exhausting rounds of chemotherapy – it was time: the moment we have all been waiting for, and the life or death situation. It was calling. My first PET scan was meant to be a few weeks after my last cycle of chemotherapy and my first dose of scanxiety settled in. I didn’t…

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Chemotherapy: The Finale

My last round, number six, hooray! It came with a mixture of emotions: excitement, nervousness, and relief. Due to work, my mum only managed to come to my very first chemotherapy, so I was relieved she was coming to my last one. She had never been to a normal chemotherapy session, as the first one…

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Chemo Number Five

I can’t do this.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  Those were the first words that came to my head in the morning. Remember what you’re doing this for. The pit in my stomach was nothing like I’ve ever felt before. After this one, I’ll have one more left, I convinced myself.  Just get through this.…

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Getting Through Chemo: Tips

Chemotherapy is bloody hard, isn’t it? It’s unfortunate that to destroy a cancerous tumour, we sometimes have to insert toxic chemicals into our body. We must be living the dream. The sessions of chemotherapy are bad enough, but the struggles afterwards can sometimes be even worse. So let’s welcome 2019 with my tips of getting…

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Chemotherapy: The Fourth

This chemotherapy was a little different. I was no longer having chemotherapy at The Churchill hospital, I have moved to a little chemotherapy centre in my town. They have one haematologist on the ward, so as long as my chemotherapy is on the same day she is in, I can go ahead with it. I…

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Chemotherapy: It Takes Two

My RCHOP chemotherapy was scheduled for every two weeks. Normally, the average person who has this type of chemotherapy will have it every three weeks but as my mass was quite big, and growing by the second, they didn’t want to give it a single chance to grow any further. It was a plan. My…

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Round One, Fight!

There was barely any time between the diagnosis and the first day of chemotherapy. I believe I was diagnosed on a Tuesday and chemotherapy started the following Friday. I was still an inpatient when I had my first round of RCHOP chemotherapy. Which was in a way lucky because this round would take the longest.…

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