24 Hour Heart Tape Monitoring

My 24 hours heart monitoring experience was for my SVT, which was diagnosed half way through my chemotherapy. I know, aren’t I lucky? Anyway, they wanted to see what my heart does in the short window of 24 hours. It was a five minute appointment, where they stuck the wires around my chest on various…

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Chemotherapy: It Takes Two

My RCHOP chemotherapy was scheduled for every two weeks. Normally, the average person who has this type of chemotherapy will have it every three weeks but as my mass was quite big, and growing by the second, they didn’t want to give it a single chance to grow any further. It was a plan. My…

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Ovarian Cyropreservation

I hadn’t even realised chemotherapy could take away my chances of having children in the future. As a 20 year old female, I hadn’t even started thinking about having a family. But when you’re faced with the words “you might not be able to have children with this type of chemotherapy.” Your whole world stops.…

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Round One, Fight!

There was barely any time between the diagnosis and the first day of chemotherapy. I believe I was diagnosed on a Tuesday and chemotherapy started the following Friday. I was still an inpatient when I had my first round of RCHOP chemotherapy. Which was in a way lucky because this round would take the longest.…

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Hello to The Big C

So after spending a few days in ICU – fave hospital stay I’ve had. The nurses made me feel comfortable in a nightmare. A doctor came to visit me, he was a haematology doctor from the hospital at The Churchill and I remember feeling really scared to meet him, because he was from The Churchill.…

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How I Found Out I Had SVT

SVT stands for super-ventricular tachycardia and it’s a condition where your heart beats over 100 bpm and these episodes can happen randomly. My first episode happened after my third round of RCHOP chemotherapy. I was laying in bed trying to get off to sleep, and suddenly I felt my heart pounding out of my chest,…

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