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Round One, Fight!

There was barely any time between the diagnosis and the first day of chemotherapy. I believe I was diagnosed on a Tuesday and chemotherapy started the following Friday. I was still an inpatient when I had my first round of RCHOP chemotherapy. Which was in a way lucky because this round would take the longest.…

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Hello to The Big C

So after spending a few days in ICU – fave hospital stay I’ve had. The nurses made me feel comfortable in a nightmare. A doctor came to visit me, he was a haematology doctor from the hospital at The Churchill and I remember feeling really scared to meet him, because he was from The Churchill.…

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How I Found Out I Had SVT

SVT stands for super-ventricular tachycardia and it’s a condition where your heart beats over 100 bpm and these episodes can happen randomly. My first episode happened after my third round of RCHOP chemotherapy. I was laying in bed trying to get off to sleep, and suddenly I felt my heart pounding out of my chest,…

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